My name is Chad Clifton, and I am the Founder and designer of Power Brakes - The Game Changer™ and Sidekick™.  Thank you for checking out our products! 

God, Family, Country and having Fun is my list of priorities. I was born and raised in Oklahoma.  My wife and I have raised 4 great kids and are just now starting to have grandkids. Let me tell you, kids are a bad idea but grandkids are the best! ( a little humor for the ones that don't know me) 

I spent the last 23 years building steel buildings all over Northeastern Oklahoma. In 2022 I decided to retire from the building business and concentrate more on having fun! 

ABOUT POWER-BRAKES - The Game Changer™ and Sidekick™

Power-Brakes all started when I was getting into Livescope fishing, I went on a guided trip with Brian Young. He had these motors on the back of his boat he called brakes, so like most people you want what the teacher has. So I put motors on my boat just like his. They worked great! But I was tired of getting on my knees and reaching over the back of my boat to deploy the motors.

In the winter I almost fell in the lake adjusting the motors!  So I thought I am going to build myself a bracket\arm that makes it easier, faster and safer. And I did. They looked like I pulled some materials out of the ditch and welded them together but they worked well. I got a lot of attention at the ramps and gas stations from people asking if I would build them a set. So I started making my set better and better. I got them to where I thought was pretty good but I was missing something, To me they did not look like it would be something that I would be happy to sell to someone.

I went on another guided trip with Brian and Les Standstipher, I asked them all kinds of questions and what is needed. I put a set on Team Standstipher's tournament boat and asked him to try to break them. And he did, he broke everything I put on his boat!! He showed me where the weak spots are so we could fix them. I was able to put a few sets on some boats. They have helped me design a great set of brakes! THE GAME CHANGER!

After talking to the guides and tournament guys, we are getting so many electronics and components on our boats so we decided these need to be manually deployed and stowed. Every part that makes up the Power-Brakes system is machined and then powder coated. These really are built to last.